About Us

Dayton Community Development Corporation (DCDC) welcomes you to dynamic Dayton, Texas!

The purpose of the corporation is to promote community improvement and economic development within the City and the State of Texas and the public welfare of, for and on behalf of the City by developing, implementing, providing, and financing projects under the Act and as defined in Section 4B of the Act; and for all other purposes allowed by law as permitted by the Development Corporation Act as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (Articles of Incorporation, Article Four A).

Methods Used

  • Business Consulting
  • Coordination/facilitation of State, Regional, and Federal Programs
  • Grant/Loan Programs
  • Nationwide and Global Marketing
  • Plan Development

Strategic Planning

One of the first steps that an economic development program must take is the preparation of an economic development strategic plan. Both the economic development professional and the Board must support both the idea of the plan and the implementation of the plan.


Also, key leaders in the community must support the plan, in both its development and implementation. Some of the key leaders you should gain support from are the:
  • City council
  • City manager
  • Leadership of the chamber of commerce
  • Mayor
  • Superintendent of the school system
Other leaders that you may also want to include are:
  • County commissioners
  • Editor of the local newspaper
  • Local bank presidents
  • President of the local college/junior college

Our Commitment

The strategic plan is the control mechanism of your program. It determines your priorities and guides you in addressing those priorities. It sets your goals and strategies, outlines your action steps, and provides the timetable for the completion of each of these items.

Our Board is committed to advancing the goals in this plan.

2020 Board Members

Name Role
Wendell Null - City Council
Voting Director (President)
Nan Headrick
Voting Director (Vice President)
Tonya Smikal
Voting Director (Secretary)
Tammy Pratka Voting Director (Treasurer)
Alvin Burress - City Council Voting Director
CD Williams Voting Director
Chris Brown Voting Director 
Caroline Wadzeck - Mayor Advisory Member
Arlene Langham Advisory Member
Andy Conner Advisory Member
Dr. Lukas Chachere Advisory Member